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Grand Trunk Western Historical Society

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Grand Trunk Western
Detroit & Toledo Shoreline
Detroit Terminal
DT & I
Detroit Edison


The purpose of the GTW Historical Society is to preserve and record the history of the lines, facilities, equipment, and personnel of the GTW Railroad, it's subsidiaries, predecessors, and successors. By Definition, this includes: GTW, DT&I, D&TSL, and Detroit Terminal. We propose to cover the rail operations and equipment of shippers and subcontractors such as: Detroit Edison, SEMTA, and Amtrak, as they relate to the GTW. We propose to record and publish information of a historical and educational nature through a variety of media including, but not limited to our newsletter the Semaphore. We also want to appeal to people of diverse interests: railfans, historians, retired and active railroaders, and model railroaders to name a few.

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