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Grand Trunk Western Historical Society

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Semaphore - Volume 6

2008 Membership Year

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Volume 6 Issue 4

Winter 2008

24 pages

Current News and Photos

GTW Ballast by Charles Geletzke Jr

Preserved GTW Passenger Equipment by James Deeds

The Rush to Rushton by Curt Danielewicz

Volume 6 Issue 3

Fall 2008

24 pages

Current News and Photos

Company Coal by Charles Geletzke Jr

The Pontiac Auxiliary Dining Car by Charles Geletzke Jr

The 25th anniversary of the end GTW/SEMTA commuter service by Curt Danielewicz

Full GTWHS Bylaws revised October 2007

Volume 6 Issue 2

Summer 2008

24 pages

Current News and Photos

Michigan Division Train Information

Canadian National's Newest SD70M-2s

HO Scale Model Guide for GTW Passenger Equipment

Volume 6 Issue 1

Spring 2008

28 pages

Officer and board election results

2007 End of year financial report

"Seeing is Believing" by Chuck Geletzke

Current News and Photos

Annual Meeting Poll Results

"How I Circumnavigated Lake Erie by Rail" by James Sellgren

Special electronic content



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